About Us

INR Online Canada Ltd.

In 2011, INR Online Canada Ltd. was formed as a Canadian corporation dedicated to the improvement of warfarin management in Canada, through the use of INR Online computer decision support software.

Dr. Murray Trusler, INR Online Canada Ltd.

Dr. Trusler, BA, MD, MBA, FCFP, FRRMS, President of INR Online Canada Ltd., is a Canadian Family Physician with an interest in improving warfarin management in Canada. He has 50 years of anticoagulation management experience.

He has previously been:

  • Family and Emergency Medicine Physician practicing in Canadian and international settings since 1967
  • Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Laurentian/Lakehead Universities, Ontario, Canada
  • Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

INR Online was developed by Dr. Paul Harper, Haematologist, and Joe Harper, software developer.

Dr Paul Harper, INR Online Ltd. (New Zealand)

Dr. Harper is a Consultant Haematologist at Palmerston North Hospital with a particular interest in disorders of bleeding and clotting. He has carried out research at Cambridge University, UK into the inherited causes of blood clots and has also conducted research in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

He has previously been

  • Clinical Lecturer in Molecular Medicine at The University of Auckland
  • Consultant Haematologist at Auckland Hospital
  • Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Auckland
  • Consultant Haematologist, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
  • Editorial Board at Journal “Thrombus
  • Honorary Clinical Lecturer at University of Cambridge
  • Intermediate Fellow of the British Heart Foundation

Although, providing the same excellent software program, INR Online Canada Ltd. and INR Online Ltd. (New Zealand) remain completely separate entities, with INR Online Canada Ltd. serving the Canadian market exclusively.