INR log App

By HealthObs Ltd
Free iPhone App available at Apple iTunes store

  • INR log can help you to keep track of your INR results and warfarin treatment
  • Each day it will show you your warfarin dose and sends you an alert when your treatment is due
  • Reminds you when to take your next INR test
  • Allows you to enter your own treatment range and select up to 3 different size tablets
  • You can record your dose as a daily dose or weekly dose and change the dose very easily based on your doctor’s advice
  • Your INR results are displayed graphically and in a table
  • You can add earlier INR results so you can see a complete record over time
  • You can keep track of how well your treatment is going by following your time within the therapeutic range (TTR)
  • TTR is a good measure of anticoagulant control and ideally should be above 60%
  • You can also keep track of your drug adherence if you record your treatment every day
  • INR log is ideal for anybody taking warfarin, whether you are self-testing, using a near patient testing device or if you are managed through an anticoagulant clinic or hospital laboratory
  • INR log has been developed by Dr. Paul Harper, a Consultant Haematologist with more than 25yrs of experience managing people on warfarin